Integration request for Xiaomi Mi Watch Color

Is there support for, or are there any plans for supporting the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color?

I have the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition but I’m not sure if integration will be possible or not, or whether there is a public API that can be used to implement integration.

The watch uses the Xiaomi Wear app, and cannot be linked to Mi Fit or Zepp.


Hello @Thomas_Fisher , many thanks for your interest. Honestly we would never had the resources to develop integration with a closed proprietary device without any API like Mi Bands.

Only Bluetooth sniffing geniuses like Zdenek Horak of Mi Band Tools or Matteo of Notify & Fitness can do that. We do not have the skill and the effort would be bigger than all the integrations we did so far with Pebble, Galaxy, Garmin, Wear OS, FitBit etc… together… Basically you need to reverse engineer all the communication from a stream of binary data and find out the meaning in that.

That being said the question is really on Zdenek and Matteo… But I have just looked at their websites and do not see any mentions of Mi Watch which leads me to the assumption that Mi Watch is probably completely different than Mi Band in terms of OS/comminucation protocol etc… and it will take a long time before someone cracks it… but you never know…