Integrate with the Muse meditation EEG headset

From Shaya Klechevsky on 2016/11/28 18:40:03 +0000

Muse is a biofeedback-guided meditation headband that integrates with both an iOS and Android app. It takes EEG readings and uses that to help guide the user in meditations. They happen to have an extensive SDK ( which would make integrating the bluetooth connected headband possible with the Sleep as Android app. I would love to be able to augment the existing data metrics collected by the app with actual EEG readings, in addition to any other connected device readings that are currently supported (wearables like smartwatches and heart rate monitors). Any potential to have this hit the dev cycle anytime soon? I haven’t purchased the headband, yet, but knowing that it would eventually make its way into being integrated with Sleep as Android would go a long way in helping me make my decision to purchase it…

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From Monica Pinnedyr Jansen on 2016/11/28 20:37:05 +0000

Yes and also i wish for a mindwave mobile usage with sleep as android app.

Where has the progress on this gone? The new version is outrageously expensive, but it is definitely open to decelopers.

Perhaps in a couple, 3 more years?

And this! For you!

For Developers

This is for developers. But the price!!! :flushed:

Oh wait.


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I’d love to see Muse being integrated into SaA, especially since it has its own sleep tracking build in now.

Integrate with the Muse meditation EEG headset
is it still possible

Now it seems possible!