Integrate SmartThings/WIZ lamps and custom lullaby feature for personalization

  1. Integration with SmartThings/WIZ Lamps:
    It would be incredibly beneficial if Sleep as Android could integrate with SmartThings and WIZ lamps. This integration could allow users to control their smart lighting directly from the app. Features such as dimming lights gradually when going to sleep or turning on lights slowly to simulate a sunrise would greatly enhance the sleep and wake-up experience. Many users, including myself, utilize smart home systems for various functions, and having the ability to control these devices through your app would provide a more seamless and efficient experience.

  2. Custom Lullaby Feature:
    Another feature that I believe would add significant value is the ability to add and play custom lullabies from the sleep menu. While the current selection of sounds is quite good, personalizing the experience with custom lullabies can help users feel more comfortable and relaxed. It would be wonderful to have an easy-to-use interface to upload our own audio files and play them as part of our sleep routine.