Integrate SAA with Twilight

From metis on 2015/12/16 17:02:33 +0000

have SAA adjust andorid wear based on Twilight settings when user is "Asleep"

Copied from original feature request:

From Petr Nálevka on 2016/01/26 09:40:08 +0000

BTW Twilight just got Android Wear support, if you like to test it, please opt-in for BETA:

From Janis Froehlig on 2016/01/26 08:25:50 +0000

I have a Watchmaker watch face that's all red, that I (now) have AutoWear and Tasker set based on whether or not I'm sleep tracking. It's a steep learning curve, for three packages, though. If anyone wants a tutorial on how I did it, just let me know (G+ would work).

Just setting the watch to its dimmest setting would be a good start. A special SAA watchface with just the time in red, and maybe a pause button would be very useful. Messing with those stupid bright white Wear notifications at night (especially if you're nearsighted and have to get the watch up in your face like I do) can be more of a wake-up than a phone with Twilight. Having your watch (with that stupid default sky-bue Wear watch face if Wear things are buggy) turn on just because you put your left arm under your head isn't fun, either.

From metis on 2015/12/16 18:46:06 +0000

I'll try to do so concisely. There isn't a version of Twilight for Android Wear, which means that when I'm in bed with my SW3 on and tracking my sleep with SAA, any bump to the screen by my other arm, or worse, my cheek will turn on the watch face at full brightness near my eye. Not a pleasant way to wake up.

I'm not sure that I'd want Twilight settings to be applied to my watch all of the times my phone is dimmed (discrete wear settings would rock there) but having my watch screen only go to very dim, or Twilight settings when SAA has been activated to be monitoring "Sleep".

It'll still wake the watch to let me see what time it is, but won't run down the battery as much, or blind me by flipping to full brightness.