Installation of beta .apk or update in Google play?

Hi Beta test community,

I’m trying to get the latest add-on integrations, but the latest version offered in Play Store is 2021 Jan 18.
I tried installing sleep-20210404-beta-release.apk but got

Parse error:
There was a problem parsing the package.

I tried extracting the .apk, errors:
1 Action not supported by the specified archive format!
2 Unconfirmed start of archive

My tablet is running 5.1, the latest OS version for it.

I noticed as of this post a March 26th version appears on Google Play store running on my newer device.

Will an installer newer than January, suitable for Android 5.1, be available directly here, or on Google Play store?

I’m looking for O2Ring support. The add-in is already installed and working from what I can see.

Hello @Fufu_508, sorry about that, but the version for Android 5 and below is now fixed since February 2020… and new versions of the app are only available for Android 6+

Thanks for confirming, Petr.