Increase the Playlist maximum size

From Pedro Pereira on 2016/03/12 10:15:23 +0000

The playlist only accepts up to 200 musics on it. If I try to select more songs in there, it wont let me.
Could you increase this limit to a higher one? Like 2000 or even no limit at all…

Copied from original feature request:

From Ethan Duffy on 2017/02/21 09:02:47 +0000

When you add a playlist with more songs, it seems to select the first lot of artists alphabetically. It's probably the way I have the folders are structured.

Alarm clock plus supports playlists of a larger size, but does not seem to be in active development. It would be good to get it added to Sleep.

Yes please. An app that could use all my music as a shuffle (so I don’t end up with the same songs over and over again) is all I am looking for.

This is the main reason I used “I Can’t Wake Up” instead of Sleep As Android for several years. I switched back because Sleep works better in almost every way, but I’m already starting to hear songs repeat, and I would love to use a fully randomized alarm as a chance to rediscover songs on my phone. I’ve got 10000 tracks that I would love a chance to listen to again, and I’m already getting sick of the ones that Sleep decided to pick.

When I select a playlist, it seems to be reselecting every song from a manual list, which lags up the app and takes a while. I built the playlist, so I know what’s in it. I don’t need a full preview of it if it’ll slow things down, but it shouldn’t be too resource-intensive to pick a random index in that playlist and grab the song from it.

That would technically be “Random” and not “Shuffle”, but a randomized 10000 list is still better than a shuffled subset of the alphabetical first 200. Alternative options could also be a flat-out “All music” option, or a “Select folder” option that could also fetch from subfolders.

Seconded, 200 is a fairly low limit.
Additionally, the app is not transparent about this limit either, setting a playlist of over 200 songs will appear to work at first, then the app will quietly prune the list down to 200 without notifying you.
There aren’t any bulk selection options in the playlist menu either, requiring me to check every song in the list one at a time to get them all added.