Incorrect time in google fit

I am a new user using a fossil sport to track.

I did the following steps:

  • Start sleep as android on phone
  • Delayed for 30-45 mins before I fall asleep

Now sleep as android shows:

GB - 6:35 (-0.25)
Watch - 5:20 (-1:40)

However the data in google fit shows 7:34 total sleep time. This is not even close to either of my total sleep times. Is there any way to fix this and is delaying in the app causing part of the issue?

Have you been reading this help chapter?
If not I strongly recommend you to do that.
Your fossil sport should be supported with sleep as android.
Delaying in the app can have something to do with your problem because the sport clock itself should recognize when you are asleep.

Best regards
Marcus Sandin