Incorrect Snoring reports and my phone keeps trying to wake me up when there is no noise

Currently I am using the accelerometer in the phone to track my sleep. SAD (Sleep as Android) is detecting the rustle of my cotton sheets as snoring. Does this affect my sleep score? Does deleting or renaming those events change the score?

Secondly the brief audible prompts don’t go off when snoring is detected and last night they went off repetitively when there was no noise at all.

Any advice welcome - great product… I’m looking forward to using my Fitbit with it :wink:

Hello Kevin,

Snoring detection is not 100% reliable, it may get sometimes confused by other noises. The accuracy depends on many conditions - the particular type of the phone, acoustics in the room, positioning of the phone, etc. For some people it works very reliably, for some (like you, and I am sorry for your inconvenience) not so well. We keep working on improvements of the algorithm, and hopefully it will be 100% perfect for everybody some day.

The amount of snoring indeed does affect your sleep score. It can not be adjusted manually. If you remove the “snore” tag from a particular recording, it does not restrospectively adjust the score. Another thing to consider is how many of the false snore events there are, compared to true detected snoring. If you think that most of the detected snoring is false, and you do not want it to ruin your sleep score, you can disable the snoring detection altogether. If you just do not want to be disturbed by the anti-snoring sound, you can disable only the anti-snoring feature. It’s all in the menu “Setting/Sleep noise recording”.

You may also try to listen to your recordings (on a high volume, with headphones). Some phones generate audible artifacts (various kinds of whirring or buzzing) even if there is no real sound, and then the sound recognition gets very unreliable. If this is not your case, it might be a good idea to use fitbit for sleep tracking, as you suggested, and put your phone on a bedside table, where the sounds from your rustling sheets will be much weaker, compared to the snoring.

I hope some of my tips help,

Best Regards


Hello Jan
Thank you, your tips were very useful.
I have switched across to sonar and the snoring reports have ceased along with the random prompts to stop snoring when there was no recorded noise. The prompts did not go off when the recording signified snoring BTW.

The graphing looks quite accurate, though it misses some rem, which is understandable as your tutorial documents explain.

One thing I cannot understand is how the grey, ‘awake’ times overlap with deep sleep times. Am I missing something here?

All in all I am very impressed with this app. So is my brother who is now using it too.



PS - I am i the midst of reading Matthew Walker’s, “Why we Sleep” Which I find great for turning the app. into a tool for sleep hygiene and management. Though I am looking forward to the app. reports when I have enough records.

Hi @Kevin_S - please note that the grey stripes are not awake times - they signify whole hours.

Thanks Jiri (doh!)

That’s me good to go now.