In anti-snoring Force headphones only When Connected

It would be nice to have an option under anti-snoring settings to force headphones ONLY when they are actually connected.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some :smile:) there’s not always a partner in bed, so there is no need for headphones when sleeping alone.

Wouldn’t it be great if anti-snoring settings had a feature to switch to headphones only when they’re plugged in? Perfect for solo sleepers, and it saves partners from unnecessary noise!

Hello Wadu, there is an option Force headphones only in the Anti-snoring alerts section. This option routes the alert to the media sound stream (instead of the usual alarm stream), which is typically played by the connected headphones.
But test this first - the final behavior depends on how your system mixes the sound streams.

Alternatively, you can configure vibrations - if you have a compatible wearable, only the connected wearable will vibe for the anti-snoring alarms.

In the anti-snoring settings, there’s a “Force headphones only” option that sends alerts to your headphones via the media sound stream. Be sure to test it first. Alternatively, you can set up vibration alerts on a compatible wearable for a quieter option.