Improve Lucid Dreaming with wearables

From Anonymous on 2017/05/20 23:42:45 +0000

Four suggestions (some of which are doubtless repeats of other ideas already posted) which would I think greatly improve the lucid dreaming function.Using a Pebble Time with your app by the way. So in order of importance to me anyway :

  1. Option to vibrate wearables ONLY and not the phone. (It wakes my partner up when my phone buzzes on and off all night)

  2. Option to set strength and type of vibration on wearables. Different people want different intensities of vibrations and different vibration patterns.

  3. Option to set max number of alerts received in one night.

4.Option to delay start of lucid dream alerts for x number of hours after sleep tracking begins

I’ve stopped using the app for now because of the option 1 problem…if you could fix just that it would be great !


Copied from original feature request: