Improve live graph polling rate for sensor graphs within the app

As the title says. Currently (v. 20200505) the graph polling rate for any live updating graph (such as the one when testing the accelerometer sensor) is approximately once every two seconds (measured simply by feel). I feel like that in the year 2020, technology should already be advanced enough to create graphs that update within only a few ms of receiving data.

Real talk though. I’d understand if the polling rate was that miserable when testing remote sensors such as with a BT smartwatch, thus you could maybe blame the bottleneck on the watch only transmitting so many data-points per second. But there is almost no excuse for the polling rate to be that slow and choppy for a sensor that is connected locally to the device, such as the accelerometer. Sensors Multitool has managed to do real time graphs since early 2015, so why is it that Sleep as Android still uses graphs that update like a 1980 commodore 64 game…
When testing sensors in particular, a 2 second or more delay at the very beginning of a sensor test can be very confusing. Especially if the first few sensor readings don’t show any significant change as well, making one think that the sensor test has already failed. At least that’s happened to me several times when trying to work out the “sonar” sensor test and not receiving any reading for the first 2-4 second or so.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk i guess.