Importing sleep noise recordings back into the app

Hi, I recently factory reset my phone, but exported all of my sleep noise recordings as audio files before. I have re-downloaded the app and am wondering if it is possible to get those recordings visible again in the app. I have tried placing the audio files in the same folder where my new recordings are placed, but they do not appear in the app. Is there a way to have them back in the UI so I can star them and make notes on them?


Hello, in the latest version of the app we allow menu > backup > export which results in a archive which also includes the all the noises… if you import that archive on your new device and place the noise files in the same directory you should have the noises… thsi shoudl also happen automatically if you have Android app backup mechanism enabled on your devices…

Unfrotunately i did not do the export function to .zip file. But i did back up the audio files of the sleep noise. Is there a way for the app to recognize these audio files from before as sleep noise in that directory without the .zip export file?

Thanks for your help