Importing backup from Google Drive doesn't work

Hey everyone!

So in the past I’ve been using Sleep as Android without any issues on my Pixel 3a and OnePlus 7T Pro. I could always backup and restore the data using Google Drive, so that the data was up to date on the phone I was currently using for sleep tracking.

However, on my new phone (Pixel 4) I am unable to restore the backup from Google Drive. I installed Sleep as Android, the “Unlock” app and SleepCloud. I went through the tutorial, enabled the Google Drive connection in SleepCloud and tried to download the backup from the cloud.

But it does not work for me. At first, I always received a notification saying that the download from Google Drive failed and I should check the settings in the SleepCloud app. However, the settings are correct. As this didn’t work I tried to copy the files from my “old” phone to a computer, put them on my new phone and try the local import option. This didn’t work either so I tried to manually download the uploaded files from Google Drive and put them in the right place. Without success.

Now when trying to download the backup from Google Drive, it seems to download something and I get the option to select data, settings, alarms and so on as it is supposed to be. When clicking okay it says that the import of the data from the SD card has been completed and the source file is located under /sleep-data/sleep-export.csv
However, the data ends at August 13th of last year although I used the sleep tracking almost every night until now.

I already tried to uninstall and reinstall all 3 apps multiple times as well as deleting the cache and data of the apps. No success yet.
It just doesn’t work and I really don’t know why. I tried pretty much anything I can imagine.

I contacted the support two days ago but I did not receive a solution yet so I was hoping someone in this forum might have had similar problems and could assist me. So far I’m using my previous phone for sleep tracking but obviously this is not the best solution and I would like to switch to my new phone completely.

Thanks in advance!

Sleep as Android Version: 20200505 (22006) Premium

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Did you get an answer? I have the same issue. I try to download data from my phone to Google Drive through the SleepCloud Add-on but I got the notification: “Backup failed for service Google Drive”