Import sleep data

I had to do a factory data reset my Samsung S5 recently to get some memory to work with. I had been backing up my sleep data to Dropbox, to a file or folder called “Sleep as Android Data”. There doesn’t appear to be a file extension such as “.csv” on this object. I reinstalled the Sleep as Android app. I thought it might be as simple as importing the file. Wrong. I did not use the app since the factory data reset, except to try and import data and when that failed, I tried to export data. This probably created a data file anyway. But that would confirm a file’s existence. I then get a message saying “Successful backup to your local storage. See /storage/emulated/0/sleep-data/sleep-export.csv”. There is no “storage” folder, or an “emulated” folder, or a “0” folder, or a “sleep-data” folder on either the device’s memory or the flash memory card. Additionally, there is no “sleep-export.csv” file that I can find on the device anywhere. Can I import the “Sleep as Android Data” folder/file from Dropbox to the Sleep as Android app somehow?

the normal process (see here for a guide) for importing data from Dropbox is to take the .csv file that we save to Dropbox and put it onto your phone’s storage (into a correct path), from where Sleep as Android will import it.

Now, you are saying that the file on Dropbox does not have the csv extension and I see that you’re right. I’ll add myself a TODO to fix it.
But in reality it is a CSV file alright, please just rename it to sleep-export.csv.

Next, we need to find a way to import that file. I don’t have an S5 at hand to specifically confirm, but generally paths on Android phones look like what you’ve written.
The emulated part tells you that his is a part of internal memory that the OS considers as external storage. Whether the path will show up as this mostly depends on the file manager that you’ll use. I have best experience with Total commander, which is a straightforward app resembling the old-school file commanders from DOS and the like.

Please put the sleep-export.csv file at that path (and if the /sleep-data/ folder doesn’t exist, please create it) and run Sleep > left menu > backup > import data.

Just a side note - using SleepCloud for backup is free for weekly backups and frees you from hassle with .csv files.

Post back if you run into further troubles.