Import sleep data from Google Fit

From Bjorn Hogeman on 2017/03/01 09:57:02 +0000

Import sleep data from Google Fit. Not only the last night but far more history. Sleep as Android is already importing and exporting the heartrate data from Google Fit and also uses the movement data to detect if you are awake.
It would be real nice if Google Fit can be used as backup of the data instead of the external backup function of Sleep as Android.
I have a smart watch. Sleep, heartrate & walk data is already saved in Google Fit and it detects when I fell a sleep and wake up. So the data is already there. But when I forget to activate Sleep as Android I am missing a day there. Maybe the data from Google Fit is less complete but when there is an import function it can make the history in Sleep as Android more complete and fill in the gaps.

Copied from original feature request:

From Marcel Matula on 2017/03/02 11:53:40 +0000

The main issue here is that Google Fit does not allow to store all data being kept with SaA sleep record so it can not be considered as full backup option for SaA. Note that, SaA is doing 14 days backward sync each time when new sleep record is added or there was not any sync within one day.
Another problem is that Google Fit does not display (although we can read them back) all SaA records even they were properly exported into Google Fit.