Import sleep data from Fit to Sleep as Android

Hello everyone,

I recently got a Nest Hub 2, which also offers sleep tracking. I tested it for a few days, some of them next to Sleep, and I was surprised to see it was pretty accurate. I have decided to use both, Nest for automatic sleep detection (I do have Non24 and Sleep is struggling to keep up to detect my sleep) and Sleep as Android for manual detection.

I would like however to keep all of my data on one place. And this is Sleep as Android. Is there any way I can actually import sleep data (hours, duration, cycles, HR, breathing rate, etc) FROM Fit to Sleep as Android, either for specific nights, or automatically?

Thank you!

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Update: would something like this be possible with the new Health Connect integration?

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Update: Happy to report, the Health Connect integration now works to pull data from Fit (nest hub 2) to Sleep as Android.

However, only sleep cycles are pushed, not heart rate or breathing rate, but I personally don’t mind missing those data for the few days I need to use the hub :slight_smile: