Import not working despite file being present on SD Card

I recently moved from Y560-L01 to ALE-L21 and I would like to copy my settings and alarms. I tried official export and import from csv but I’t didn’t work.

File is present on SD Card:
Google Photos

But Sleep produces only quite enigmatic message:
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How to deal with it? Sleep version is 20200505

Hello, many thanks and sorry for issues… In version 20200505 the app already produces a ZIP file with more backups - including noises, alarms etc… Can you please check that you have the latest version also on the other phone? Also when you export the file in that version you are asked to share it so you can send it via email to your other phone and open it there and start the backup import process right from you mailbox…

If that does not work can you please use menu > report a bug?

Hi @petr-urbandroid

I checked my old phone and Sleep version there is 20200228 and I can’t see option to update. Android version there is 5.1.1. So I’m not sure what do now.

Hello Damian, many thanks. We had to stop supporting 5.1 and lower with the latest versions of the app… anyways the latest version of the app still should be able to import the sleep-export.CSV file… please just open it in a Files app and choose to handle it with Sleep as Android…

Google Files and default Huawei Files doesn’t allow me to open this CSV file with any application. It might be that there is no csv extension handling in Sleep?

Ok so what about simplifying this with the SleepCloud app. You can install it on both phones, export your file to drive, dropboc or SleepCloud and import on the other device?

Hello Damian, I just managed to reproduce the issue with the Google Files app… maybe there is something similar in how this is handled by the Huawei Files app… but normally most of the apps I tried like Gmail for instance or Asus file manager etc… they offer the option to open the CSV file with Sleep as Android

I started with SleepCloud but it seems to import only historical data and not preferences and alarms.
I also did the trick with Gmail but I was able only to import csv and not xml which seems to store alarms and preferences.

I totally don’t need historical data, only my carefully crafted prefs and alarms :slight_smile:

Maybe transfering settings between those two versions is not compatible? After I tried Cloud once again it imported my alarm. So it seems that only settings is missing.

Hello, SleepCloud does import alarms, but only active alarms. For preferences, you would find a pref.xml file in your sleep-data folder, if you would include it into a zip archive together with sleep-export.csv, this should work IMHO although I did not test it yet…

I managed to prepare zip with two files and import it into Sleep, but only graphs imported.
Content of perf.xml look suspicious (empty?):

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>

So it is maybe problem with exporting perfs. Since Sleep on my old phone is obsolete I will probably configure Sleep on my new deivice from scratch. And also hacks we are trying here are cumulating more time than careful setup from scratch. So thanks for trying to help me :slight_smile:
I love this software, and I hope it will be still developed in the future.
Have a nice day,

Yes, I actually freshly configured my new device (and it seems to work as previous one), so I abandoned plan to recover settings. Thanks for help, Sleep as Android rulez, even despite this small problem :wink: