I'm confused on this chart

Did this chart also scored REM and all of the other sleep data that goes above where he hrv and spo2? Why did I only get 3 results at the top? I’m sweating in miserably agony trying to work this around and the Wellue

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Hi, we are sorry, but we are 2 developers, and it is not in our power to reply immediately to all threads on the forum. I am replying to you first thing in the morning, as I also need some sleep during the night - hope you can understand…

The movement data at the top is all broken - either there were too little updates updates, or the accelerometer is stuck on the device providing the data.
Since the data set is all wrong, there are no other sleep phases, than light sleep. So the app could not render deep sleep chart without any deep sleep phases on the graph.
The HR and HRV graph are also suspiciously fluent, so it looks like there were only a few data points from the addon. Without enough HRV data, the app cannot estimate HRV gain. The crucial part for HRV gain is the start of the tracking and the end - both missing on your data set.