Ikea Dirigera – replacement for Tradfri

Ikea already discontinued the Tradfri Bridge at the beginning of the year and has now replaced it with the new Dirigera Hub. Unfortunately, this new hub has not yet been implemented.

Hello @luca, yes, it took at least a year before the open source community started reverse-engineering the Tradfri Bridge to bring some improvised APIs so that any integration would be possible. I guess this will be the same with Dirigera which is completely different. My hopes here are into Matter, which may finally bring some easier way to integrate all the products from different vendors. But Matter is in it’s infancy, you can only use the Android APIs with the Nest Hub 2 at the moment and to get this on a timeline Philips HUE Mutter support is said to be rolling out in Q1 2023…

Honestly it is not in our powers to integrate every new device especially when there is no official API from the vendor… so this may come eventually but probably more likely as a Mutter integration.