Ikea Dirigera – replacement for Tradfri

Ikea already discontinued the Tradfri Bridge at the beginning of the year and has now replaced it with the new Dirigera Hub. Unfortunately, this new hub has not yet been implemented.

Hello @luca, yes, it took at least a year before the open source community started reverse-engineering the Tradfri Bridge to bring some improvised APIs so that any integration would be possible. I guess this will be the same with Dirigera which is completely different. My hopes here are into Matter, which may finally bring some easier way to integrate all the products from different vendors. But Matter is in it’s infancy, you can only use the Android APIs with the Nest Hub 2 at the moment and to get this on a timeline Philips HUE Mutter support is said to be rolling out in Q1 2023…

Honestly it is not in our powers to integrate every new device especially when there is no official API from the vendor… so this may come eventually but probably more likely as a Mutter integration.

Just got a notification in my Home smart 1 app, that Ikea is going to sell out tradfri compatible devices and know focus on dirigera bridge only.
I also found an API on GitHub for the new bridge

Hi @TheKosmos96,
The original API for Tradfri was very badly written, and we spent so much time making it work. And all this work is lost, because IKEA abandoned the whole project and moved to a new one, without reverse compatibility…
There is no guarantee that this will not happen again in a year or two with Dirigera.
We provide smart light integrations for free, so we cannot risk investing in short-lived projects.
We will consider implementing Dirigera only if it will be sure this project is viable. I hope you understand.

Thanks for your response.
Do you have any estimations wether something similar could happen with Philips Hue, and would recommend switching to that ecosystem?
To be honest I only bought Tradfri set so it would be compatible with SaA and I can’t imagine losing that functionality

We put high hopes into the platform “Matter”, which should harbor many different platforms, hopefully including IKEA and other smart lights systems. This is what we would like to see as our new project.