IFTTT webhooks for light and deep sleep


https://sleep.urbandroid.org/documentation/integration/ifttt/ shows rem event as webhook ( * fires when we estimate the start of REM phase)
I’d like to have possibility for light ( * fires when we estimate the start of Light phase) and deep ( * fires when we estimate the start of Deep phase) sleep also. Or maybe even better: gosleep ( * fires when we estimate the start of the first sleep phase after starting the sleep tracker)


I will add them to the next beta during the next week.

Word of warning though - the deep and light phases in realtime may be less accurate, and most probably will not be the same as phases in the final hypnogram.

The reason is simple - in the morning we have all data for the whole night and can compute the sleep phases from them, while in realtime we have to predict what will happen.


Great! The reason for this is that I want to send a command to the (squeezebox) radio to sleep in 15 minutes (gradually decrease the volume in 15 minutes) when SleepAsAndroid detects I’m asleep. I will let you know if this works fine or not after a week of testing.


Ha @jiri-urbandroid, any chance the update will go live in a beta release someday soon?


Hi @Stephan_van_der_Plas, I believed that we already did add it but now checking through the files I was wrong! Sorry for that, I’m adding deep sleep start and light sleep start right now.


Hello Jiri,

Is somewhere documented what webhooks you addes in the latest beta release so I can use it? When I google release notes, I do not find the beta releases, and the release notes function in the app itself doesn’t work (only a white screen with some links, no info.)