[COMPLETE] IFTTT webhooks for light and deep sleep

https://sleep.urbandroid.org/documentation/integration/ifttt/ shows rem event as webhook ( * fires when we estimate the start of REM phase)
I’d like to have possibility for light ( * fires when we estimate the start of Light phase) and deep ( * fires when we estimate the start of Deep phase) sleep also. Or maybe even better: gosleep ( * fires when we estimate the start of the first sleep phase after starting the sleep tracker)

I will add them to the next beta during the next week.

Word of warning though - the deep and light phases in realtime may be less accurate, and most probably will not be the same as phases in the final hypnogram.

The reason is simple - in the morning we have all data for the whole night and can compute the sleep phases from them, while in realtime we have to predict what will happen.

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Great! The reason for this is that I want to send a command to the (squeezebox) radio to sleep in 15 minutes (gradually decrease the volume in 15 minutes) when SleepAsAndroid detects I’m asleep. I will let you know if this works fine or not after a week of testing.

Ha @jiri-urbandroid, any chance the update will go live in a beta release someday soon?

Hi @Stephan_van_der_Plas, I believed that we already did add it but now checking through the files I was wrong! Sorry for that, I’m adding deep sleep start and light sleep start right now.

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Hello Jiri,

Is somewhere documented what webhooks you addes in the latest beta release so I can use it? When I google release notes, I do not find the beta releases, and the release notes function in the app itself doesn’t work (only a white screen with some links, no info.)

Hi @jiri-urbandroid, could you please give me the names of the new webhooks? I cannot find it in documentation.


Bumping this question. I’d really like to make use of these webhooks.

Heh, this has been full of unfulfilled promises on my end. I did not actually add the webhooks in the end.

We discussed this internally afterwards (and I’m sorry I didn’t let you know about that) and concluded that it would be quite an overhead for the app to send a web request every time a sleep phase start is estimated. That would be many times per night, we would always need to turn on wifi etc.

So as a compromise, if you agree, we’re adding a broadcast intent to be sent when the phase starts (see the https://sleep.urbandroid.org/documentation/developer-api/intents-and-content-providers/ docs).
You can catch this event with Tasker, optionally do some further logic, and then send a request to IFTTT.

Deep sleep phase started

Light sleep phase started

React to Sleep as Android events with Tasker
Event -> System -> Intent (previously Misc -> Intent received) and add one of the Intents described above.
For example you can start you weather app when alarm is dismissed, by listening for the com.urbandroid.sleep.alarmclock.ALARM_ALERT_DISMISS_AUTO intent.

You can also use other automation apps that are able to listen to a broadcast intent such as Automate.

NOTE: The intents will be present in the next beta sometime during this week.