IFTTT - Sleep as Android

sleep_tracking_started …​ sleep_tracking_stopped …​ sleep_tracking_paused …​ sleep_tracking_resumed …​ alarm_snooze_clicked …​ time_to_bed_alarm_alert Fires when you get a bedtime notification alarm_alert_start …​ alarm_alert_dismiss Fires when you dismiss alarm (after you solve CAPTCHA, if it’s set) rem Fires when we estimate the start of REM phase antisnoring Fires when we detect snoring smart_period Fires 45 minutes before the smart wakeup period starts

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Hi, my sleep as android doesnt seem to successfully connect to IFTTT despite successful log in with email

Hi there. I try connecting but the page to connect the webhooks (after log in) keeps refreshing and I can’t do anything on it… any ideas?

I had the same problem. To get it working you first have to go to IFTT and connect Webhooks. I created the applet first, then went back to SleepasAndroid and it connected. Should be added to instructions.

Hey, I do wanna start a sleep tracking with Google Assistant and end up here. Seems like there’s no such an option even with IFTTT, is this true?