Ideas to improve Lucid Dreaming on wearables

While using my pixel watch with lucid dreaming, I have some things that might need improvement:

  • let us set the intensity of the vibration (i got woken up from how strong it is, even on 1x repeat)
    • if possible, let us even create a unique pattern to differentiate from our “normal” vibrations
  • reality checks with the desired pattern and/or vibration intensity during the day
    • let us set a start- and endtime with a number which says how often the check occurs. During this time, randomly a vibration occurs and we do a reality check

You all built an amazing app here. No other app even comes close features. I have been uses an Oura Ring for a year now. I just bought Ticwatch 5 Pro.

I am really interested in lucid dreaming feature on your app. I am a life long lucid dreamer. I teach lucid dreaming to others and would love to help improve this feature for my students.

-The number 1 feature I request is a delay on the REM alarm. Basically once the app detect REM could you add a 1-10 minute delay on the alarm. Your app is so good at detecting dream state change that the alarm goes off before my dream has fully formed. I usually go from waking or light sleep to a hypnogogic state then into dream. Amnesia happens as I pass from hypnogogic state into dream. But the alarm is going off while I am in the hypnogogic state, before I enter dream. This isn’t very helpful. Everyone’s dream state shifts are a little different. I know I tend to dawdle in hypnogogia.
-I am looking for a low cost wearable that works well with your lucid dream feature. Any Recommendations? My goal is to buy phones, your app, and wearables for my students to use during the class.
Thanks again for building a great app
Troy Rosslow

Although I like Lucid dreaming feature but there’s one thing you should know: sometimes waking you up during internal lucid dreaming makes you to perform out-off-body (OBE) experience (aka lifting up LD to OBE). That’s more advanced level, when you can control your body. Some people experience this state as sleep paralysis because they don’t know what to do with that. Thus, there should be a warning telling about that.

I agree I usually warn students of uncomfortable states prior to teaching.