Ideal Sleep Duration Alarm

We need an alarm that triggers, not at a specific time… but rather ____ number of hours after sleep tracking is initiated. The alarm acts as a timer that begins counting down when sleep tracking begins.

Example: With an Ideal Sleep Duration alarm enabled, the alarm would sound 8 hours after sleep tracking was initiated.

This would be VERY useful for people with diverse chronotypes who want to integrate Phillips HUE or other sleep lights to trigger a sunrise after ideal sleep duration reached (for those with varying sleep times, so there’d be no need to count hours, edit alarm before bed every time, etc).

Thank you so much! I love Sleep as Android.

You can use the alarms in shortcuts. There is one for Sleep Duration Goal.

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Thanks, shortcuts wasn’t enabled on my home screen so I’ve never seen this. I will check this out.

I wish there was a way, though, to have it trigger when you start sleep tracking with the widget since I always use the widget button. Do you know if there’s a way to have this feature enabled to come on when you start the sleep tracking with the widget?


I think you could use Tasker to do what you want to. Just set up a profile that triggers when you dismiss an alarm and in the action for the profile do what you want to do with the hue lights.

@Pilda big thanks!

@LibertyNon24 you can also use a home screen short for that:

Just long press Sleep as Android app icon, and slide the Sleep duration goal option to your home screen to create an icon…

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THANK YOU! That’s awesome. This is why I LOVE Android… So many things to do, if you can find them. I bought a Phillips HUE & bridge on eBay, so hopefully I can get it to do what I want. It will be so helpful to wake up to a simulated dawn no matter what time of day I’m waking. So glad I found this board.

I belong to a FB group of 1.8k Non-24 patients, a majority of which I think are sighted (like me) and a LOT of us use this app for the Trend > Graphs page which many sleep tracking apps do not feature. (I wish the bars stayed on the graph, though, like Sleepmeter Free did, so it was more reliable to read instead of guessing). I will create a separate topic for that, though, unless I can find one in the search.