I find the menus very confusing

From Manel on 2016/09/04 19:22:30 +0000

The menus often do not indicate any units (hours/minutes) and there ate no descriptions within the app for most of the functionalities.

The app looks good and is pleasing to the eye. It’s just that it does not have things very well explained. I have been using this app for a couple of weeks and it takes me some time to decipher what things are and what all that data means. It should be understandable at not much more than a simple glance.

I used track my sleep hours woth sleepbot and it seemed much easier. Bought sleep as android because of the extra features and it seemed overall a better app. But the confusing menus are kinda making me regret my decision.

"Dumbify’ the apps, pls? At least put on some measurement units to make it understandable.

Other than that, great job! This is by far the best app of it’s genre. Just a bit hard to use for the reasons I explained.

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From dave on 2017/06/01 09:32:48 +0000

I too think this is a good idea. I just convinced my wife to start using this after me using it for years. She's completely lost.

I'd recommend a beginner mode with the option to turn on advanced features. This is really what fragments were made for.

A lot of the icons are confusing. I still think the sound recording icon looks like an ice cream. Non standard icons are confusing.

Over time, the amazing set of features has caused a little bit of visual bloat.

And don't get me started on the graphs. It took me months to figure them out as there's no explanation behind them.

From Anonymous on 2017/03/25 23:39:16 +0000

I also find it confusing. For example, my sleep deficit is always given as a number followed by the plus sign. Does this mean I am actually getting too much sleep. Also the app asks for Wi-Fi to be turned off. Why is this? Finally, it would be helpful if deep sleep percentages were explained.

From ula on 2016/10/08 12:52:58 +0000

1. not all settings are listed/described via (i). Even worse: the (i) opens general feature description, eg. about 'smart wake up' but not list of settigs with related descriptions. Not suitable for user simply wanted to fast remember what the setting is good for.

  1. while creating/edtiding alarm - no (i).

  2. descriptions are only available online: no web no help.
    eg. Tasker has offline help.

For me the most confusing is to configure the alarm by entering the END of waking period, not the start point. So i want to be wake up in suitable moment starting at 6:40 i have to "guess" to set alarm 7:40 and - in distant placed settings - smart period 1h.

From J te Giffel on 2016/09/22 20:50:49 +0000

In android the hamburger menu should be for the default settings.
Add a floating (+) to the main screen that expands like the android Google calendar
The alarms take to much height and do not revail the settings for that alarm.
Let users create alarm-sets (slow, work, absolutely wake up) and select that set for an alarm.
(Yeah much like Gentle Alarm, but in material design please)

From Manel on 2016/09/05 10:58:39 +0000

Thank you for answering!

"Please note that for each settings section there is an (i) icon in top right which leads to comprehensive documentation…"

True. But it only it only opens in the browser with intenet. And I am not talking about a in depth explanation like showed in the documentation. It would be very useful just a small description to give the user an idea of what each feature is about. Specially in the configuration menu. Sleep as android has so many features that it's hard to go throw each one in the documentation just to get an idea of what it's for. Maybe it woud be better if the user could click in the "i" button and then select the item to make a small description appear.

"Can you please name few thinks which you find the most confusing?"

The graphics area with the hour of sleep/sleeping time - > wake up time. Maybe consider introducing something to separate each item. Ex: a "w" for before the wakeup time number, a "s" before the hour the user has gone to sleep and a "t" for the time spent asleep. At first I had a hard time distinguish them because I would go to sleep at 6am for 6hours. It would be easier to understand if in the days I would go to sleep at 2 am and slept for 8 hours, because the numbers are different. But a small separator would solve this problem.

The other problem was the menu with sleep debt. I now figured out how it works and hidding the sleeping tags made the menu mich cleaner and easier to understand (until then it made the menu very cluttered). But there is something about the colos of the letter that makes ot hard to read. Maybe it's the grey letters in the grey background. It looks good but it difficults reading at first sight. Maybe a lighter shade of grey wouls be better.

To be honest, maybe I complained too early. Now I am getting the hang of it more. Bit it's mostly because I already know the app. But it's difficult to understand at first some of the features pourpose and it's a bit hard to understand some of the menus with info. With time everything gets easier, naturally. But it could be a bit cleaner and better explained.

Sorry I am not being able to pass my message correctly. English is not my main language.

Thank you for your attention!