I can't understand sleep score duration?

Hi. I’m confused by the sleep score here. Apparently I went to bed at 23:14 and woke at 4:09.

It would appear that I actually slept for 4:12?

Why then in my sleep score do I have a duration of over 6 hours?



Hi! The sleep score is calculated from sleep records for the past month, so the duration is not usually the same duration as your last sleep record.
Do you have any more sleep records or is this your only one?



You got a good answer. It has to be from many nights because I have never gotten a 4 score with similar statistics as shown. I have never gotten a 4! LOL

I think the score should be as it is: not just one night. Gives you perspective. Could we “bet” on the score? That might improve mine, especially going to sleep earlier and more regularly. Thanks. And good night folks!