I bought SleepCloud premium, but the app doesn't sync - Sleep as Android

The following should hopefully solve your problem:

Start sleep as android

Wait for ~15 minutes

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I paied on my last device and im not recognized as paied yet it can identify me google drive whats up wit that plus it says there is a next app to download call sleep unlocked and it’s 69 dollars? Like really

Hello, which app did you purchase - the Sleep as Android full version, or SleepCloud full version?

If your main Sleep app is not recognized as a full version after purchase, please follow the guide at https://docs.sleep.urbandroid.org/faqs/purchase_not_unlocked.html.
There are two types of purchases, and each of them has a different way of being recognized by Play Store.

Google Drive syncs do not require the full version of SleepCloud, if this is your only backup method, you do not need the SleepCloud paid version, the free version is enough. The only limitation of the free version is a sync once per week for SleepCloud. Google Drive and DropBox syncs are not limited, even in the free version.

I have the full version all the features work you know it shows up on my calendar let me know when I’m sleeping when I’m dozing off all that stuff you know sleep trackers everything’s working just recently I tried to put it on an x phone because I switched phones and it didn’t show up it’s asking for certificate I think or something so I don’t know where that would have been stored can you help me or do you have a record of it