I bought SleepCloud premium, but the app doesn't sync - Sleep as Android

The following should hopefully solve your problem:

Start sleep as android

Wait for ~15 minutes

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I’ve got the same problem… partially. I uploaded from ny phone to tablet via Sleepcloud but it didnt take the second part of my sleep, the part after I paused ny sleep On phone everything is okay.

And there are no records of sound downloaded on my tablet, just on my phone.
Did I miss a setting?

Btw thank you for making this app, I found out Imu O2 score is 23 score…
So after having contact via email, I ordered the Stress Locator, it will be a life saver. So thank you again!

Hello Scarlett, the backup does not include the sound files (since most users accumulate a few GB of sound records, it would skyrocket the price of the service).
Sound files need to be transferred manually - https://sleep.urbandroid.org/docs/services/backup_data.html#import-sleep-noise-files.

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Thank you so much. I’ll do it manually. Thanks for the link.

What about the second part of my sleep, the party after the pause…or is there a limit to how many sleep sessions you can upload\download per day?

Btw, it would be cool if there was a place on the server where data is stired fir 5 minutes, downloadable and automatically deleted after 5 minutes.
I would even pay extra on premium cloud for that option. But its Google’s servers…not the easiest.

So the tracking result uploaded had two parts (two graphs divided by a pause), or is it one graph with a pause-awake in the middle and you don’t see the whole graph on the other device?
What does this entry look like in the cloud?
There are no limits.

The cloud services charge for kB uploaded to the servers, not a kB kept in the memory - so this won’t make much difference for what they would charge us…

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It had 2 parts, on watch and cloud it is visible but on my tablet the second part is not showing.

I must say that, after your response when I send you the crash report, I found out how old my tablet is… Now I understand why the tablet is crashing.
I don’t think it’s a bug.

I’ll try to lend a device for a while, which I can use and see if the second part of the sleep shows up there or not.

Thank you for your support!
Always there, must be an intense job. Respect, it’s a great app.

Just one “little” question, I ordered a Stresslocator the 16th after you said that other devices might not be compatible. But now I read bad things about the company on this forum. I’ve put my last money in this device because my RDI was 23 and I am worried.
Not just about never waking up again (like my mom :cry: )but also about getting bad service (no responses to emails) or never getting what they’ve paid for…

What is your experience with this company (not personal experience but the people using it and writing about it here or mailing you, etc).
I hope I didn’t make a mistake ordering from there.

Hi, I get involved in some complaints, if the users are writing to our support too.
Sometimes users complain about long delivery (or no delivery), when the parcel is still on the way. And they do not remove the complaint even after the device is delivered. I don’t think I heard about anyone not getting the device at all. Where are you from? The longest delivery times are for Australia and NZ.
The company had some bad experiences with their support, when the tickets got closed by one employee without replying. But once this was discovered, they fired him and got a new support guy instead. So it should be fine now.
You can always let us know, and we will contact the company too.

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Thank you so much, this eases my mind. Good to hear the company is doing better. It’s hard to find hard working people anymore.
I’m from the Netherlands and I just tracked it again and it’s on the move!
I’ll just have some faith.

True that most only complain, which is sad and dishonest imo.

If you are from Netherlands, it should not take more than a week or two. Happy Electronics is from Czechia. It should have been faster, but our state-owned post service company is a mess…

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