Huawei watch GT 2

Please add to wearables the Huawei watch GT 2. This would be perfect. I love this app, but after the watch change I can not use it like I used.


@jiri-urbandroid I have seen you keep closing these requests, but Huawei does have a developer program to get integration with their wearables:


I can’t wait, too :sweat_smile:

I really love SaA, I used it for years! You can imagine my delusion, when I saw my gt 2 pro wasn’t supported :sob:

Even though, when I read the same news @Werner reported, a feeble wisdom comes to me…

Has this wisdom a chance to become a great news?

Hello @Enzio_Sargi @Werner … those are 2 different things:

  1. integrating a health service like we do with Googe Fit or Samsung Health… yes we could also integrate Huawei Health… but please note that every health service integration is a big investment… and honestly Huawei health would probably be the last service to integrate with if you consider potential data privacy risks associated with Huawei and Huawei’s general attitude to developers - for many years Huawei is killing our apps causing us so many thoubles on support - please read

Moreover integrating Huawei health would probably not bring the features you are guys looking for. This would only allow to send your sleep data to Huawei health and I really do not know why anyone would be willing to do this.

  1. Integrating Huawei watches for sleep tracking. For this we need direct real time access to the device sensors so that we can implement things like smart wake up or lucid dreaming, awake detection etc…
    The good thing is Huawei uses an open source OS on their devices. On the other hand there are no APIs to access the sensors and there are no 3rd party apps which could be installed on their wearables… We have spend several hours doing an quick research to find out if maybe there are some BT characteristics we could use to access the sensors though BT GATT, but did not find anything which would allow us to integrate Huawei devices so far.

I hope you can understand the issues here…

Many thanks for your feedback guys…


Thanks for the answer.

Actually I’m (I was, sob) interested in the second point, but I perfectly understand the issue and all I can say is “thanks” to all SaA team.

My fault was to buy an Huawei watch.

Thank you anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

@Enzio_Sargi many thanks… just to clarify… the APIs @Werner posted would only allow us to implement 1)…

But we will keep looking into 2) and keep trying to find some way…

Many thanks!


Thanks a lot and, if you will need a beta tester for it, you can count me in! :nerd_face:

Big thanks, I will get back to this thread if we have some news…


Getting back to this after 2 Years, i’ve looked around a bit on how you could access the device. One thing that would be possible for the GT2 would be accessing real time heart data via the Huawei Health Kit, i’ve seen an app that can read real time HR.
Problem is that you have to first apply for a Huawei Developer Account where they want ID verification for the developer, not sure how much you trust Huawei with data and you’d have to pass an Application Verification else the number of Users is limited, which is a lot of work for this.
Second option would be to somehow bypass Health by connecting to the Watch directly via Bluetooth, i’ve seen some basic attempts at understanding the protocol but it’s proprietary so difficult to reverse

Hello Joachim, in most cases, we can already read HR in real-time, even from the non-compatible wearable with a proprietary operating system.
Most wearables use the open protocol for HR (GATT Heart Rate Profile), which will be read if you enable Settings → Sleep tracking → Wearables → Smart bluetooth.
If you see your wearable listed with a heart icon, they are using the same protocol and we will be able to read the HR.

I’m also looking for support for the Huawei GT2/GT3 because they last the longest on a single charge and charge the fastest. Unless someone knows of other watches that charge quickly and last at least 4-5 days with all features running 24/7.
Many thanks,


Hello! I just received a GT 3 for Christmas, and I would love to use it with SaA, I’m using the app for years now! I’ll try to use the HR monitor as suggested, but the sensors are another feature that I use a lot (for the smart wakeup). Do you have any news on that?

Hello Alessandro, it all depends on the API - they must publish a public-facing API for developers, so we can integrate the wearable. Sadly, no news for Harmony OS so far…