Huawei band 6 suppport for sleep as android

Please add support for huawei band 6

Hello, HuaWei bands are using proprietary OS, that has closed protocol. Unless they share an API, the integration is not possible. Only the Wear OS wearables from HuaWei allow integration.
We are sorry for the limitation, we truly wish all the API was public-facing and allowed us integrate them all…

Hello @lenka-urbandroid

I was looking around because I would love a Huawei Watch GT2 integration.
It seems to me they do have an API but I might be mistaking :

More specifically regarding sleep :

I hope this will allow you to add Huawei to the supported brands :slight_smile:

Hi, our Sleep app needs the access to the data from the sensor directly (raw data in real time).

The API HuaWei offers is only for aggregated data. The api from the link only provides the information about the sleep their native app already processed and estimated.