Everything worked as you said until Sept. of this year (2020). There was a change in the software which changed the info on the watch from white to brown.
This update broke the connection from “starting the app on the watch then opening up the sleep app on the phone”
Further more, there is no way to stop the app on the watch!!! The only way is to shut the watch then reboot!!!

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Got it to work a little bit by using the following sequence:

  1. run sleep on watch
  2. open “Garmin add-on” and open the app and turn off the Garmin watch then turn it back on.
  3. open" Sleep…"
    With this sequence it works 3 out of 4 times. When it doesn’t work , must shut the watch, then turn it back on, to escape from the “Sleep…” app.

I have a similar experience.

My steps:

  1. I open SAA on my phone (and check my alarm settings for the next morning)
  2. I start SAA on my Garmin Vivoactive 3
  3. SAA starts tracking (with a defined 5 minute delay)
  4. After ~1-3 minutes the Garmin starts vibration and showing a white screen. I guess this is a wake up alarm that is supposed to be displayed in the morning.
    But I never see this white screen any other time.
  5. I have to restart the Garmin watch to exit the white screen
  6. I start SAA on the Garmin
  7. Everything works as expected for the rest of the night

This happens like 30% of the time in the last weeks/month.

Don’t know what happened but it stopped working. No matter what combination of starting Sleep Garmin, it no longer syncs with the VA 3 ???. It was working reasonably well until last week.

I think I can confirm it.

I could start tracking from the watch as usual.
But there is no pulse tracked for last night…

Could be another problem, of cause.

You might also ave a look at the issue tracker on github.

I am not sure it it would be better to discuss the issue there…

Hello, sorry about the late reply. If the watch is not connecting, please force stop the Garmin Connect app on your phone and start it again. There’s a long standing bug in the Garmin Connect app where it often stops sending messages between watch and phone. There’s a workaround in my mind but haven’t yet gotten around to implementing it.