HRV average per night

Does this chart shows average HRV value per night?
Like 55.2, 37.7, 70.3 … Are those values average HRV for 15, 14, 13… nights or max values?

If it is max values then where I can check average HRV per night?

Hello @Den … yes this should really be average for night… in general we measure HRV in a “clam period” after fall asleep, before wake and average from all night…

Thanks for the answer.
I check graphs and it does not look like average HRV per night. It’s something different.
HRV graph shows 136 value, but the real average HRV value during the night is 65 (calculated based on all HRV values during the night from csv file 15.01.2024 23:16 - 16.01.2024 4:21).

Here is the graph, screenshots and csv log

Could you explain what this 136 HRV value means?
Could you add graph for average HRV value per night?

Garmin for example use average HRV per night for health recovery prediction.

Hello Den,

looking at the code…

in case we get individual RR intervals which is the case for your wearable add-on right? Then we use SDANN calculated from RR intervals from the entire night. First we convert RRs into NNs but filtering any outliers and then we calculate average NNs for intervals and finaly use their standard deviation as SDANN…

I’m tracking with a TicWatch every night night whcih reports RR intervals form the watch and my values are in expected range

I will try to reproduce the issue you are seeing with your values…

Also I can send you a special version with debugs and if you send me the log back I can see what exatcly is happening?

yes please, you can share debug version.
I use Garmin Fenix 7 and with Polar H10 for tracking

@Den here is an APK with HRV logging many thanks…

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Strange, with APK you shared it shows correct average HRV value for the last night: 50.5
I will continue testing

CSV Log file

Hello @Den yes, the IT uncertainty principle, log-it and the bug is fixed :)… please let me know if you find out something about the issue…

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