How to read sleep graphs - Sleep as Android

As a general rule of thumb that applies to healthy individuals:

A healthy sleep (for a monophasic sleeper) is 7-8 hours long and consists of 5 sleep cycles where the first lasts for 70-100 minutes and the consequent cycles get longer but lighter. Each cycle consists of 4 stages lasting usually 5-15 minutes. Stage 1 and 2 are considered light sleep and this is the best time to be woken up in the morning.

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When tracking with my smartwatch (TicWatch Pro 3), the hypnograph fires not work, it shows awake for the whole night. Any ideas what’s wrong?

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I think I’m having the same problem, with a similar watch (Ticwatch Pro 2020), except it doesn’t trigger till a little after 6am. And, only some nights.

The watch wasn’t dead (that normally makes it flat red), the actigraphy was still being recorded as you can see, as was the HR data - none of which indicated permanent awakeness, so why is SaA giving up on the hypnogram after a certain time?

Just a thought… it says you’re snoring 100% of the night which might get marked as awake. Is there noise in the room that might make the app confused? I believe there’s an option to turn off the snore detection too. Might be worth a shot.

Ok. I know th>s isn’t an answer, sorry. I’m considering switching from Galaxy Watch3 To TikWatch Pro and running SAA as well as TikWatch sleep detection.

I can’t find documentation on TikWatch health app.

Kind of running both to double check each other…

I have very irregular sleep (Narcolepsy)

Samsung Health You can’t go in and see your exact sleep and wake times. It is a tiny hypnogram and some large hours where there may be long multiple awakenings.

Does TikWatch native sleep tracker work well? Can you see the times you were awake and asleep? Can you modify them (say you know you were asleep but it counted as awake?

Sorry to bug you about this out of the blue!

Did support ever resolve your issue?

Hello @Adroit and @mcamou … big sorry for not seeing this… if you see we did not react to an issue, please do not hesitate to bump us if noting happens…or ideally contact us at as well…

I guess my reply isn’t relevant any more but if somebody sees this … the awake was probably caused by one of the awake heuristics configured in Settings > Sleep tracking > Awake detection … I would need to see the (menu > report a bug) log to know which one… in many cases this could be a screen on - phone in stand in combination with the awake when using phone heuristics… also since than we have fixed several related issues which may have caused rare but longer than real awake times…

@ima_jenn thanks for the bump :)… I’m using TicWatch 3 Pro and Sleep as Android is able to track your SPO2 or HRV gains which si great… although I never tested their own internal sleep tracking function…

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FYI The link to “Sleep Score Chapter” is broken. I am trying to figure out how my score is 91%.

Hi, thank you for letting me know, I fixed the link.
The overall Sleep Score is computed from all the other pie charts.