How to get latest version?


I see latest version is 20210310 but Google Play Store offers no updates and I’m stuck to version 2021018. Why so? What can I do?

Hello Dario,

version 20210310 is now a 10% staged roll out, if you wont to get the latest, you can consider joining the BETA version… for that you need:

Please first join our BETA Testers group at:!forum/sleep-as-an-droid
That you can opt-into the BETA at the following address:
Or simply by visiting our Play Store listing and tapping “Join BETA”

Well, I’m not sure I want to use Beta versions: if I understand things right, v 20210310 is not a beta, is a final version, so I’ll wait for the full roll out.

Sure no problem, you can opt-in for BETA get the version and than opt-out or wait for the regular version. Usually it takes ~ one month to get the latest production version from 0-100%…We are carefully releasing step by step and fixing all issues as we discover them which causes new release candidate version etc…

Ok, all clear, thank you!