How to get in TASKER event 'pause on tracking' of SaA?

From Tsvetan Tsvetkov on 2016/11/11 22:01:50 +0000

Hello there !

I’m using successfully automation with TASKER, 1-switch / 2-gang mode
and LED stripe IR via Broadlink.

I’ve got start of SlAA and beginning alarm and sequential actions. I
found this very useful. But I can’t

detect successfully the moment which is named Pee Light , e.g. pausing
sleep tracking for 5 mins (for

example flipping the phone). Can you provide to me an example, how to do
that (event detection) in

TASKER? It will be very useful to light a calm light path to toilet room.

Thank you in advance! Tsetso.

Copied from original feature request: