How to get heart rate from Mi band 3 into SaS

I have a Mi Band 3 with latest firmware and Notify&Fitness-App and need some help with getting heart rate monitoring to work with SaS.

SaS is configured to use Mi-band with Notify-App and I also enabled the heart rate checkbox.

But it seems that only movement is recorded during sleep tracking. In Notify-App itself I am able to measure heart rate without problems.

Notify&Fitness has different settings for heart rate monitoring - what do you recommend / what is known to work?

Contineous monitoring - do I need to enable that? It’s disabled by default. I tried 30s but still no heart rate in SaS

Heart-Rate measurement mode: can be set to “Mi band only”, “Notify-App only”, and “both”. Default is the second option.

Sleep-tracking-enhancement - I have no clue whether this should be enabled for use with SaS or is only relevant for Mi-Band built-in sleep tracking… It’s disabled by default.

Is there anyone with known-to-work settings?

Edit: I have the non-pro version of Notify-App…