How to get a SaA alarm label with Tasker?

Hello, fellow SaA users.
Recently I’ve been trying to create a very specific task in Tasker that would do the following:

  1. When SaA alarm goes off, it will automatically dismiss it;
  2. While dismissing, it will also create an alarm that will go off in 1 minute with “Tasker Alarm” label in the stock alarm app to;

And I did make a profile that works without any problems. But that comes with a few limitations because I don’t have a way to get an SaA alarm label to use in “IF” condition:

  1. It will dismiss any alarms that SaA produces, which is not ideal;
  2. I can’t set a specific label for a “stock” alarm.

What I found:

  1. On this page of the official SaA doc there’s a piece of information that states that both events (alarm going off and alarm being dismissed) provide 2 pieces of data: alarm label and a timestamp;
  2. On this page of the official Tasker doc there’s a piece of information that states that I need to access %evtprm array to get said data.

I’ve been trying to make it work and had not succeded, I don’t seem to be able to retrieve any data at all from that array.
Is there anyone out there who made that work before? Am I doing something wrong or did it just never work or stopped working recently?

And to answer the silent question “Why would you even do that?” - it’s because the only alarm app that is able to show alarms on external display of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is the stock one. Yet or for all eternity - I don’t know, but currently this workaround does the job for me, and I need this to make it a perfect one.

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Totally not work totally broken