How Sonar Works

I am wondering g about the accuracy of Sleep as Android when using Sonar.

You see, I am running the air conditioner all time at night. So, how wouldn’t the noise interfere with the sonar sensor?!

Moreover, how would it not confuse with other sounds in the room like my spouse’s?

Hello, normally it should not be a problem, most of the hearable signal of the air conditioner is high pass filtered before any of that takes into consideration for activity tracking - we are only interested on the ultrasonic spectrum… the rest would probably just contribute to base-line noise… it may be a the case that the airconditioner would produce some repetitive ultrasonic signal, but not probable IMHO…

You can test all this, just start sensor test with the airconditioner on and see how the test reacts to your movements…

Thank you for the reply. I will test that as suggested.

But what about if our baby for example is sleeping the same room…?

This depends on the baby distance from the source - the phone. We have measured setups with two partners in bed and in case one of the partners is closed to the source and partially covers with his/her body the other partner movement which is further away does only contribute to some base-line noise but is not significantly altering the results… if the baby would for instance be closed to the source than you than it the babies active phases would get adding to your phases…