How does it work with a fitness band?


I’ve read some FAQ pages but am still not very sure.

I got me a new Garmin Vivosmart 4 band, mainly for sleep monitoring. From what I see, it only uses movement data to figure out my sleep patterns. It is definity not vivosmart enough to figure out that have spent an hour reading in bed (an hour of REM sleep during that time, right), or that I woke up and spent 1h trying to get back to sleep. Definitely useless for 140€.

On the other hand, I have an old Xiaomi Miband 1S, which can tell that I am reading or awake trying to fall asleep. But the MiFit app is very basic in its advice, yes, I know I need to go to bed earlier. And also I am looking for a fancier band with a fancy display, maybe even a smartwatch.

So, will the Sleep as Android watch turn dumb bands/watches like the Garmin into actually smart devices, that know when you are reading and when you are actually sleeping. I’ve read that the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch also only uses accelerometry data for detecting sleep time, so I believe that it will also think that lying down equals sleeping. Will this app make the Galaxy watch smarter?


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