How do I subscribe to the paid Sleep Cloud?

I don’t see any option to subscribe. I must be missing something simple.

Thank you


That tells me about the full version but it doesn’t tell me how to subscribe to it. I don’t see anywhere on Google Play or in the app to actually pay for it.

Thank you

Full SleepCloud version is already included in the monthly subscription plan.

as in within sleep as android

I’m not paying the monthly subscription plan. I bought the Sleep as Android Unlock years ago. I would like to subscribe to the yearly Full Sleep Cloud.

well are you sure you dont have it already because of that? check the backup menu under the ☰ menu

Oh. Well that’s embarrassing. I looked at the data online (web site) a week or so ago and it was not current, the last 4 or 5 days were missing. I had to manually trigger an upload. I assumed that it was uploading every 7 days, which the unpaid users get.

In the menu in the app I can upload and download from the cloud. And when I just looked on the web site, every night including last night is present. So apparently I already have the full sleep cloud service.

Thanks for your help.
David Chamberlain