How do I select Hypnograph Display

I am very new to this app and I am using a Go2Sleep device which seems to be working fine.

However, I cannot find how to view the sleep phases or how to show Deep Sleep on the stats.

I have checked the SAA manual but have not found the answer.

Hello David, the app always shows all data available. Graphs from Go2Sleep device tracking won’t show a hypnogram, because the external addon for this device does not provide any movement data. Without movement data, the app cannot estimate your sleep phases. The addon only provides HR, SpO2, and R-R intervals.
The app may add awake periods on the graph (because the awake detection works with different set of data), but not sleep phases.


Thank you for your reply.

Please can you advise what specific sleep wearable devices would be best to provide the required data to produce a hypnogram showing the sleep phases.

Almost every other compatible wearable. Go2Sleep is now only an oximeter with HR.

You can find the full list of wearables here:
The movement sensor is depicted in the table as “↝” icon.


Thank you.

So would a Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra with Wear OS then provide all the necessary signals to make best use of all the SAA features?

Tichwatch 3 PRO should be a great choice.
The wearable our main developer currently recommends the most is TicWatch 5 Pro from MobVoi.


Thank you for your reply.

I have managed to buy a used Ticwatch 3 Pro Ultra with GPS and Wear OS for a reasonable cost on eBay so look forward to using it with SAA.

Might put my Go2Sleep device on eBay now to offset the Ticwatch purchase.

And then perhaps save up for a Ticwatch 5 Pro!!

You are welcome, the Ticwatch 3 should be also a great watch, so hope you will like it :slight_smile:
If you have any questions, or troubles with the setup, let us know either here, or at Thanks and take care!


What wearable should I select for my Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra?

You will need the companion app installed on the watch, and the option Settings → Sleep tracking → Wearables → Wearable configured to option Wear OS 3.0+.
Both apps (Sleep on the phone, and Sleep on the wearable) will need the Body sensor permission.


Do I understand that I need to somehow install the SAA app on the Ticwatch?

Do I need to have Health Connect app on my Samsung phone?

Yes, you need SAA on the watch as well. This addon app collects the data from the sensors and sends them to the main app on the phone.
Open the Play Store app on the watch, type “Sleep as Android” and it should show only one result. Install this app on the wearable.

Health Connect is optional, but if you wish to sync data to Health Connect, you will need the app installed on the phone. In Sleep, you can enable the Health Connect sync in Settings → Services


Perfect - thank you.

If it is not necessary I will not install Health Connect.


Thank you for your help and patience.

I now have the full hypnograph and all seems to be working well.

Great news :slight_smile:
If you need anything, you know where to find us… Take care!

I have the same setup and the only downside is the battery drain on the Ticwatch. I wish there was a way to just get movement data from the watch and then SPO2, HR and HRV from the Go2sleep device. I have tried the multi device setup but that isn’t full proof. Sometimes it works and others it doesn’t.

Hello Chris, SpO2 diodes are on all the time, so using HR/HRV diodes + SpO2 one for several hours may take some battery.
If Go2Sleep supports one of the online services, you can let Sleep fetch the sensor data via Health Connect.