How do I get rid of social jet lag?

It tells me it’s bad but the only time it doesn’t show such a high social jet lag is actually when I’m sick and can’t sleep even on weekend, which in my opinion is the worst case ’
Or is it supposed to be high like that ?
Or maybe it seems lot on chart but not lot in real ?

Hi, does it show you the same high difference for longer periods, than 2 weeks?
The app does not work with “weekdays” and “weekends”, the days, the app considers as your free days are estimated from the tracking history, not the calendar.

No it’s lesser if I put half a year or a year (I’ve used the app since October 2022)…
But it’s close to zero if I put a week when I had been sick with having sleeping issues with morning insomnia and sleep deprivation and can nap only on weekends

yeah I think it’s bad the app don’t have an option to tell them when we’re off work (still could calculate automatically if we don’t put anything).
I work from Monday to Thursday only