How catching up on sleep works?

To get some discussion running - what do you think about catching up on sleep on the weekends when you don’t sleep enough during the workweek?

Time has published an article about that, also Will Moorcroft in his book suggests that catching up on sleep works quite well and it is very possible to pay off the sleep debt with less sleep than the actual debt is.

Hello! I just saw this because I am new to the forum but maybe we can still have a bit of discussion?

It is good to know that oversleeping a bit more during the weekend is good in terms of longevity, but for me it doesn’t fix the issue that I am trying to address with sleep tracking / management: performance and mood during the week!
Maybe it’s just me and other people have a wider experience compensating. Maybe your body gets used to that and is capable of storing energy? I don’t know, I have never tried this scheme (consciously) but it’d be great to hear from someone else. :slight_smile:

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