Higher bitrate ogg (256 vbr)!

From Anonymous on 2014/12/05 11:37:13 +0000

Dear developer

First of all, thank you for an amazing app ! I use it primarily to record my sleep talking, and it is the best app for the job, without a doubt (except from the audio quality). The only change I could wish for is that the quality of the ogg encoding could be set even higher. Vbr 256 kbps would be great. I sometimes record with an external Mic, and I believe it could benefit of the higher bit rate, especially if any post production is to be done.

I hope you will consider making this an option !

Best wishes

Copied from original feature request: http://urbandroid.uservoice.com/forums/264867-sleep-as-android/suggestions/6806069-higher-bitrate-ogg-256-vbr

From Olaf Marzocchi on 2015/02/08 15:08:12 +0000

Nonsense… A 64kbps ogg is for voice way more than enough, and 128kbps are enough even for music (unless you are audiphile but then nothing is enough).
If the high quality is 64 kbps then it's ok. I was converting voice recordings to ogg speex with much less than that and they were perfect.