High price to unlock

Now I tested this app for 13 days and the trial is about to run out.
I really enjoy it so far and besides some minor bugs and problems (sometimes app breaking) it works fine.
Now I looked a little bit into the Unlock and in-app unlock to decide if and what I will buy.

But tbh I think the price is pretty high right now. It’s not often that you pay €9,99 for an app and from what I read I wonder what caused that increase in price over the last year. (Just saw a post saying that ist was around $5 for the unlock)

How much work and development is still actively put into this app? Is it worth to go for a “premium”?

Dear @M.H,

many thanks for evaluating Sleep as Android!
The app is being developed very actively. Every day we’re working on new features, fixing bugs, enhancing the interface and providing support to users of both premium and free versions of the app.
We’re also actively doing sleep data research, perfecting the sound detection/classification which in itself is a huge task, and looking out for new ways how technology can help with sleep.

We’re also partnering with a local hardware developer with which we are in close contact to create sleep-related hardware devices (such as Sleep mask, Sleep Phaser etc.).

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Oh and also - there’s often a sale on the app, you may catch one perhaps soon ;]

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Thank you for providing all the information! :slight_smile:

Then I think maybe I will test some other sleep tracking apps too before settling.
Because I think one of the major issues with sleep as android is the interface itself. While being greatly customizable it’s sometimes a little confusing to use and some research needs to be done from time to time to set everything up right.
I think being a little more straight forward and simpler would help a lot in terms of usability. (and maybe hide the advanced stuff in a separate section)

Thanks again for helping me out :slight_smile:


Sure, feel free to look around :slight_smile:

I think it all depends on what you intend to achieve. Do you just want to track your sleep? Start the app and hit “Start sleep tracking”. There’s not much more to be done :slight_smile:
The rule of thumb with Sleep as Android is - don’t care about things you don’t understand at first. The defaults are sensible, and if you later find out that you’d want something to be different, the options are there.
I understand the want for a simpler interface - however we believe that it might be clean at first sight, but become very limiting later. Sleep measurement is a very individualistic discipline so it is not possible to have a “one size fits all” attitude.

Anyway, we’re here to help out anytime.

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