High battery drain on Garmin Vivoactive 4

I am not sure if this belongs here or in bugs. When I use the app for the watch there is a massive battery drain. Approximately 50% drain overnight. The watch’s built in sleep tracking use very little power even with continuous heart rate and SPO2 monitoring. Is there a way to improve the efficiency of the app? Also is there a way to utilize the SPO2 data the watch can record? I would like to continue using sleep. I find the audio monitor very useful but if I cannot find a solution to the battery drain I would have to give up the app.

Thank you


Ive never noticed it draining too much battery but I do keep a power bank with me wherever I go. Its really handy when your phone is low on battery and there arent any place to plug it in. If youre looking to buy one, you should check out this website.

I have this exact problem and have the same stand is you, to have to give up the app if this is not improved. I have researched a bit and found that the Sleep and heart rate and more are available through Garmin APIs. Maybe it could be an option to use the built in sleep tracking through the APIs instead of the app on the watch, until it has been solved with the heavy battery drain?