Hide time from tracking screen

Add an option to hide the time from the tracking screen.
It is insomnia 101 to not look at the time during the night. This is very hard to do when it is displayed so large during sleep tracking. My preference would be to have the option to remove it altogether when in sleep tracking mode.

support conversation with Taica

While knowing the time is important for me, I definitely support having the OPTION added to turn it off, for anyone who is struggling with the pressure that the clock causes. Seems like a very simple change that could be easily implemented.

Maybe users can even choose what they’d like there instead. Just “Tracking”? Or the open-eye symbol if they’re awake/closed-eye symbol if they’re asleep?

Or maybe even the display option can include text we can put in ourselves. We could add an inspirational quote, or tell ourselves things like “Take it easy, you deserve a break”, or remind ourselves “Think about morning, imagine what we have to do”, which is a tactic that helps me suddenly feel tired and fall asleep easier. Or if we like to poke fun at ourselves, “Quit lookin’ at the screen and SLEEEEEP LOL!!! XD”

So yeah, just a simple “Display: Time? Wake/Sleep Symbol? Text (which has ‘Tracking’ as default)? Image?” kind of selector option would be great. Maybe even settable with each specific alarm.

(Can’t vote here because for some reason, we are only given very limited numbers of votes which makes it VERY hard to support other users… And I’ve got mine in requests that have been waiting for years that I really need badly… But consider my reply a vote for this anyway!)

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