Here again with graphs

I’m sorry I bother here too much but maybe some other that comes to this issue can get an answer. Before fidling with the Go2sleep ring everything seem to break down so I uninstalled and reinstalled using APK to be able to use Samsung Health. Programmed it like I had it before added O2 ring wearable as before, downloaded my backup, etc etc. now the ring is giving me 4 sets of graph.

Before I used to get the usual ones constantly now just 4. Ring on same finger, no it’s not even close to loose if I get it tighter I’ll choke the finger. So first question what can be wrong? Can you guide me to have it shown like before?

Second question, what are those huge spaces between the blue columns?

Other question and concerned when this is sorted out.

P.S after rebooting app is not freezing or glitching :clap:

Hi, there are 8 possible sleep score charts + main Sleep score

  • Sleep Score (calculated from other metrics)
  • Duration
  • Regularity (how many graphs do you have? Is it enough to already know the pattern of your sleep?)
  • Deep sleep
  • Efficiency
  • Snoring (only when there are sound recordings with the snoring)
  • Rating (none of the graphs were rated, so no rating chart can be shown)
  • HRV gain (no HRV data, so no HRV chart)
  • Breath rate - this depends if there are enough data points (minimum or no gaps ideally) and if the RDI was at least 1.

If you wish to see more charts, start rating each graph (this will come in handy in the long-term stats, so this is recommended), and try increasing the snoring sound class (keep the threshold close to the recommended 15%, and make sure there is nothing in the environment, that could interfere with the noise level).
For the HRV Gain graph, you would need a device providing this type of data.

There are four columns on the sleep phases graph, the color depends on your color theme. In your case:

  • Awake - reaching 100%, yellow
  • REM - reaching 75%, light blue
  • light sleep - reaching 50%, light blue
  • deep sleep - reaching 25% gray
    In the (?) menu in the top right corner of the graph, you can find Legend with a quick reference guide of graphs’ elements.

Understood all that but there’s the problem I mentioned, I’m not getting regularity anymore. I showed you about 5 that show it but last night didn’t and I had a couple more than didn’t show it but erased it thinking it was bug. I have 69 graphs more than enough to show that.

Is Regularity missing from other graphs between 5th and 14th?
Could you check the long-term stats for Regularity in the Chart section?
I checked all my testing phones, and Regularity is not missing there. What is your current version of Sleep?

Could you do a very short tracking (10 minutes should be enough), and send me the logs (Report a bug) right after you finish it? I will check how the app computes your regularity, and where it goes wrong.

From the 8 to the 13th I erased it because it was with the Go2sleep garbage. But all other dates BUT the 14th do show it, going back all the way to the 1st chart ( 69th )

I showed you the version on an earlier post, the last APK 20240203 I believe it was.

I will do the short test when I get home. At hospital ATM.

It might be the gap. Do you happen to have all the screenshots from the nights you deleted? You can enter the sleep times manually (the (+) Add sleep button on the shortcut menu), so you can populate the gap - this will most likely put the regularity data back on track.

I don’t understand what you mean, but doing things manually on something that is supposed to be automatic is not feasible.

I didn’t take screenshots of the ones deleted. Unless there’s a way of getting back the deleted ones from the app itself then no

You said you deleted graphs for the past 6 days, so there is a huge gap in the data for regularity computations. Adding the graphs manually back would put there data for the regularity.
Normally the app can track automatically. But if the user decides to delete the graph, what should the app do instead? I am not sure how this should be automated in the app - could you please explain this a bit?

You can revert five changes back with (⁝) menu → Undo. The count five means every edit, so this depends on how many edits you did and which ones were the “delete”.

Well because I thought the app would see the entire time not just a portion but I understand what you say.

I don’t see that 3 dot and menu stuff you mentioned. I like graphs, Barney style 🤷🏻

The regularity SRI index must have data for the past 3 days, or it cannot be computed. That is why it cannot be shown for a graph, that comes after a 6 days gap.

The (⁝) menu is located in the top right corner - the same place where Android settings have this menu (we wanted to keep it consistent with your system):

Yes sadly no undo under there. But I got it now, must have 3 days to show the regularity. This topic is understood and can be closed. Check my other topic :pray:

The steps to the history are in the temp memory. If this is gone, the app can no longer revert the steps.

You posted a few screenshots to this forum, and those were the graphs from the ring tracking - you can check them to see the start and end times, and insert the sleep times to substitute the deleted entries.

Hmmm now it confused me again. I forgot to put the ring or start the tracking yesterday but if today is Thursday it’s showing the stats for Thursday? Makes no sense, shouldn’t it say Wednesday on the chart today since I slept from Wednesday to Thursday?

Also it doesn’t need 3 consecutively days for regularity at least per the graph

The graphs in Sleep are counted towards the day it ended.
We have decided to attach the sleep to the day after , because how you slept will largely determine how your day will be, and it has almost no impact on the day before.

So the graph that ended today on Thursday 15th will be marked as Thursday, or as the 15th.
Also, you went to bed at 2:37 on Thursday - so it does not make much sense to count it towards the day before.

You are right, the app needs two days (not three) at a minimum.
So after two tracking, you see the Regularity is back so it was triggered by a gap in the data caused by deleting the graphs from the app.
You can still put the sleep times back from the screenshots you posted on the forum. This will help to restore the long-term stats.