Help to detect Epilepsy seizure, apnoe or other diseases in the night

All new fitness tracker and smart watches come with pulse oximeter.
Why not use this Spo2 sensor to help people with diseases. Of course it is not a medic device and will never replace it. But it could be useful to people with epilepsy or apnoe or other lung diseases.
You can combine it with standard pulse monitoring.

Usecase example:
Fitness Tracker or Smart Watch monitors Spo2 and/or pulse value whole time overnight. If the value falls below a specified level it sends a message to defined emergency contacts.

I know it maybe will use a lot of battery consumption, but maybe it is enough for a night/day.
In case of false alarm the user should HF ave the ability to cancel the alarm.
A lot of parents or relatives would like this feature I believe.

I would be happy to help as a beta tester with this feature as my son just was diagnosed with epilepsy. I can’t sleep well since that night he had his seizure and I was lucky to hear and help him.

Thank you in advance
Best regards,