Help for shift workers

From Anonymous on 2017/01/28 17:16:19 +0000

I work a 6-on / 4-off moving shift pattern. I.e. 0700-1600 (x2), 1500-0100 (x2), 2200-0700 (x2) then 4x rest days. This leaves me needing to balance sleep with making the most of my first rest day. Is there plans for a shift-workers equilivent to the jet lag feature?

Copied from original feature request:

From Anonymous on 2017/03/17 03:43:52 +0000

From Anonymous on 2017/03/02 06:30:34 +0000

As there's multitude of ways shifts can be arranged, integration with some existing shift calendar app would help to automate jet-lag preventive measures.

It should work like this: fill in the calendar when you're going to be at work, and SaA suggests when to sleep and adjusts wake up alarms accordingly